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17 November, 2006

Long time no see

Alrighty so outside ofa wonderful trip to knoxville to see Kitten, and several good friends, there's not been much outside of work to ttalk about. That is to say until last night at 12:01pm. I'm sure you're all fairly familiar with last nights release of the PS3 as it will be all over news for the next 2 days until Nintendo's Wii comes out. After reading a brief article, I checked ebay for kicks, and found an entire collection of them up for sale as high as 2,500 dollars. While I've never been one to complain about stupidity as such, this just boggles my mind. Wait for three days in a line, in the rain, just to buy a system for 6-700 dollars and sell it online for a blown out price. Don't get my wrong, that's insanely devious but it sorta kills the purpose in my mind. My biggest problem with this is more then likely the system itself. The PS3 is a PS2 with more graphics, more hard drive space, and a pretty new box. Provided I didn't have work, I'd be in line for Nintendo's Wii.....provided I had the money too...It may be substancially cheaper, but it's experimenting in a field we all loved back when the NES was new and improved. Who didn't love Duck Hunt? Each and every game is a wireless point and click, shake and swing interface with the controller. Now that's something that gets my gamer senses tingling. Alas however, I'll be lucky to get it months from now at the rate that price tag sits. I guess it's for the best.
--Little Reverb