Remind Me Again, Why Am I Still Sane?

I'm an Artist, an Interior Design major, and the best oddball around (or so I'm told). Joined to keep in touch with family.

28 September, 2006

Long time no news

It's bene a good while, and I've not stopped to report in lately cause there hasn't been all that much of importance to post frankly. My daily schedule is pretty much consistant of work, maplestory, and sketching when I find myself in the mood. As of late however, whether mother posted it yet or not, I made the decision to bleach my hair as I do desire on occasion. This time however, I felt like making a twist. After consulting my various managers about hair color, I found myself holding a bottle of blue 'Manic Panic' hair dye. What wonders this stuff can do. Now what kinda post would this be if I didn't show a picture of the finished product? A bad post, that's what. So I'm curious as an aesthetic question. If you were a stranger at your local micheals, and you happened upon me, would you consider it an unprofessional site? In this day and age mind you. Would you be less inclinded to ask me a crafting question if you happened upon me while I was stalking? Keep in mind people, I've always got a smile on my face. I don't do unhappy at work. Anywho, lemme know, I'm curious after chatting with mother and father about said subject.
--Little Reverb