Remind Me Again, Why Am I Still Sane?

I'm an Artist, an Interior Design major, and the best oddball around (or so I'm told). Joined to keep in touch with family.

05 July, 2006

Nothing like 4 hours in car with a screaming stereo

As I'm sure most of you know from mum, the family trip is coming up. Mine starts tomorrow morning at 6am-ish. I'll be leaving a few days early to take care of things in Knoxvegas and to pick up Kitten's childhood friend from the greyhound station. I'll be out from the 6th through the 18th. Chapter 4 is finally up for those who are up on my story. For those interested that may not know yet, the link is Critique is welcome on here or through fictionpress if you wish to leave an anonymous comment. No computer at the lodge means no new chapters for a while though, so I'll let you all know when things get back up to speed.
--Little Reverb