Remind Me Again, Why Am I Still Sane?

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22 June, 2006


This pic has to be one of my favorites since I've gotten back in the mood to draw. My dynamics are a bit off, but I'm impresed that my distortion stuck like it did. This is near the end of chapter 2, which is up and posted on my Fictionpress site, if you'd like to catch up. With this picture all but done, I'll be moving on to write chapter 3 "Nightfrights" shortly. While Purples and darker hues would be cool, I just don't htink they'd be too practical on for a girl that ends up hitting the dirt alot. I've all but decided on a earthen base. Mainly some browning with alot of earth and neutral greens. Not only my favorite hues, but they do contrast her persona and name. I must admit, I'm a little lost on her shoulder Pauldron (that spikey furball on her right shoulder) I'm not sure If I want to make it a cream or an irvory. I can't decide, for the life of me, on her hair either. I'd make it a fiery red, but I think that might be a bit overkill, so I'm leaning now towards a muted tan with maybe a hint of moss green, or earthy red. something mute. Not sure where the circular pattern on her clay orb came from, but I was digging it, so I left it there for kicks. I may take them off for the final piece, or use them to show the spinning motion, haven't decided. Feel free to critique, I can always use it.
--Little Reverb


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