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20 June, 2006

Advise From the gallery

Hi-de-ho Everybody. As you can see, last night about 10ish I posted Scarlet's prelim sheet. She came out much better in the overall then I had hoped. The next doodle will be a fully assembled Scarlet, so be on the lookout. I do have a question for those interested, however. With the majority of her outfit up for you all to look at, I could use some color consultation. I can color easy enough, but it's the palette that I always have issues with.
I'm looking to keep to an older palette, earthy tones, maybe some black and brown too, but I'd like to keep away from the red hues. As much as I think she'd be a real looker in a red outfit, it's a bit Faux-paw after naming her Scarlet. So please, let me know what you think. Also, in case you can't read my scribbles, the bottom left tribal tattoo with eh double dragons is a shoulder to shoulder back tattoo that she was given at birth.
All for now,
Much love,
Little Reverb