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29 June, 2006

Brain Flatulence Stinks

So I've had a brain-flatulence for the first time in a while. Really wanting to finish Chapter 4, but trying to figure out how to properly do so is giving me heck. Introducing Aiden is proving more difficult then I'd first though, however, I'm thinking I may have my idea finally. I'm hoping to have chapter 4 up before nightfall. If things go well and my creativity doesn't shatter again, I'll have Aiden's spec picture up tomorrow.
--Little Reverb

26 June, 2006

So chapter 3 is up on Alvika. I finally got my first true critque, and I'm both happy and perplexed. My reader says that they've "read all my works." and is a "big fan" and yet still don't understand how my stories go, relating to what she critiques on. The comment that my story isn't original is funny, since originality simply molds to the writer. Just because my story isn't up to an originality par just yet, doesn't mean I can't take drastic changes. It is only chapter 3 after all. For someone who's such a fan, I had to laugh at the comment about lack of emotional depth and character structures. Yes, in any form of fictional/non-fictional work, order dictates that you should discribe your characters thuroughly upon entrance into the story. Doing that on every story however is boring, and "un-original", so I've opted to leave the reader guessing some until such time that I feel it a more unique moment to explain her. This particular work is to be deoid of emotional contructs for a little while as well. It's going to add to some of the focuses I'm placing, just as I did in a past story. Meh. Dunno why I felt the need to defend myself, but I did, now it's over, woohoo. As for chapter three, please do read. Let me know what you think.

I'm still in desire for some in depth critiques, anything but the grammer. I know my grammer is crud.
--Little Reverb

24 June, 2006


As the title leads to, I'm postponing my finished color pig of Scarlet while I work on chapter 3, "NightFrights" a couple of people have taken interest in reading and I'm fairly happy about that. Demand is something I can always use in my works. I think too, I'm feeling like a lazy bum with my coloring, so I'll just leave that picture as is until I feel the need to really color and finish it properly.
---Little Reverb

22 June, 2006


This pic has to be one of my favorites since I've gotten back in the mood to draw. My dynamics are a bit off, but I'm impresed that my distortion stuck like it did. This is near the end of chapter 2, which is up and posted on my Fictionpress site, if you'd like to catch up. With this picture all but done, I'll be moving on to write chapter 3 "Nightfrights" shortly. While Purples and darker hues would be cool, I just don't htink they'd be too practical on for a girl that ends up hitting the dirt alot. I've all but decided on a earthen base. Mainly some browning with alot of earth and neutral greens. Not only my favorite hues, but they do contrast her persona and name. I must admit, I'm a little lost on her shoulder Pauldron (that spikey furball on her right shoulder) I'm not sure If I want to make it a cream or an irvory. I can't decide, for the life of me, on her hair either. I'd make it a fiery red, but I think that might be a bit overkill, so I'm leaning now towards a muted tan with maybe a hint of moss green, or earthy red. something mute. Not sure where the circular pattern on her clay orb came from, but I was digging it, so I left it there for kicks. I may take them off for the final piece, or use them to show the spinning motion, haven't decided. Feel free to critique, I can always use it.
--Little Reverb

20 June, 2006

Advise From the gallery

Hi-de-ho Everybody. As you can see, last night about 10ish I posted Scarlet's prelim sheet. She came out much better in the overall then I had hoped. The next doodle will be a fully assembled Scarlet, so be on the lookout. I do have a question for those interested, however. With the majority of her outfit up for you all to look at, I could use some color consultation. I can color easy enough, but it's the palette that I always have issues with.
I'm looking to keep to an older palette, earthy tones, maybe some black and brown too, but I'd like to keep away from the red hues. As much as I think she'd be a real looker in a red outfit, it's a bit Faux-paw after naming her Scarlet. So please, let me know what you think. Also, in case you can't read my scribbles, the bottom left tribal tattoo with eh double dragons is a shoulder to shoulder back tattoo that she was given at birth.
All for now,
Much love,
Little Reverb

19 June, 2006


Inspiration, in Little doses

~~~~And so the hero returned home to somewhere amid the Georgian territory, after having rescued the fair damsel from the evil of her grandparents and their monotonous talk. Rest and relaxation was in order for our good knight, but what is this?! Fowl tree stumpian minions! Say it isn't so! Our hero steps forward with his Shovel of only mildly intimidating fury (rare item don't you know). The stumpian minions are not dazed and quickly retaliate by hurling dirt at our hero's eyes, eliminating his sight. Focused on the task at hand, the brave hero thrusts his not so mighty weapon into the earth, thwarting the tyrannous stumpian minions forever more.~~~~

Ok, so it didn't happen exactly like that, however, that seems to be what happens once I get the itch to start writing again. Every little event seems to come off in a cynical little storybook manor. In any case, I did just get back from my weekend in Knoxville. Kitten's grandparents are cool and all, but boy can her grandfather talk if you bring up the subject of cars! The weekend was primarily rest and lounging seeing as I'm lacking in the cash department. I'm gonna do some job hunting soon. I do have to admit, there isn't much that compare to simply sitting around, talking with one you feel so much for. Or simply going on a drive, for the sake of seeing her smile and laugh as you sing (off key) to some of the favorite music tastes you share. Wish I could be down there more.
Excited is pretty much the only word I can use to describe my self when I Start to think about the depth and clarity of the story unfolding in my head. A lot of my time is spent jotting down plot line events, as well as history behind certain characters, doodling their appearance once I get them envisioned fully, and simply trying to portray-in words-a more full extent to what is happening in my head. It did finally occur to me over the weekend, just whom I had based Scarlet upon. A good friend from school, with amazing skill and a good heart, with a bit of an eccentric point of view to clothing. Her only flaw is that she runs from just about everything she can't predict as a success. As soon as I finish up the last parts of Scarlet's outfit, as well as her face (it's been giving me heck) I'll see about throwing the image onto blogger. I could use some critique, any good artist/author can.
That's all for now.
Much love,
Little Reverb

14 June, 2006

Back in the Literary Think of Things

For those who don't know, and read my site from time to time, I'm an avid writer when I've got the itch. Recently I had a nice bug bite, from which came a new creation out of my mind. For the time being it's labeled Alvika.
Literary critique is always welcomed and right now I'm looking for lots of it. I'm going to be posting the main of my story on my current website of short story choice I figured if anyone out there is into the more fantasy based and out there stuff, they might get a kick out of this story. There's alot of it that has promise and critique is key afterall. So please, everyone is more than welcome to post comments here or on Fictionpress. . . .although I think you have to sign up to post comments, can't remember > . <

The above would be my pen name on fictionpress. Story of course is Alvika. Feel free to browse the later works, but I can't say there's much to be impressed by.
Always hoping for new readers,
Little Reverb

05 June, 2006

:::Insert Title Here:::

It's been a good while since I've posted, nearly a month. Wish I could say there was a reason asides from laziness. For those that don't know, I've moved back in with Mum, and I suppose my mood is relative to being defeated. I know it was too soon and that there will be other chances, I just get down on myself over that, which I'm trying to avoid doing. I just got back from knoxville this weekend again, I had to go pick up the remainder of my goodies from storage. Of course my main reason was Elle, and I was more than happy to find out how much I was missed. Not just by her either, by just about everyone. I still can't help but feeling down and out, and it's started to bother me. The general chores and list of things I should be taking care of is growing faster than my current state can take care of them. Today will probably be the first day I'm actually going to accomplish things since I've arrived. Among other fun things that I got to do while I was back in Knoxvegas for the weekend, was a half way decent round of putt-putt with the crew, somehow ending up at the mall 3 times in one day, and gaining the last 2 piercing on my "make me feel happy about myself" list. Yes, this brings the grand total up to 5. This time, however, they're both on my right ear. For some reason, some people just don't seem to understand why I've gotten them. Several in particular seem to feak out and think it's a horrible thing and makes me look immature and unsuited for and decent jobs I may come across in the near future. My only reply is that a former co-worker at Jo-anns had a double 00 gauge bamboo earring in his ear, which for those who don't know, is abour the size of a quarter. He had it at the interview. A former coworker at Linens 'n Things had 2 lebret (the space under the lip) 2 lip piercings and 4 brow piercings and he nailed his job with ease. In this day and age, it's not unusual or unprofessional, it just depends on the person, how they flaunt it, and if they're truly qualified for the job. So for those who think it might hurt my chances of getting a job, calm down and respect my choice to be who I want to be, and make the choices I wish to make please (this was directed toward someone). I do feel much better about my overall decision of moving down here though. I plan to come up every chance I get to see everyone important to me. Aunt J. , sorry I didn't reply as soon as I'd intended, I'll get on that today at some point. Suppose that's all for now. much love, Little Reverb