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09 May, 2006

Emissions Tests and Lost Loved Ones

It's been a while since I posted last, but mainly it's cause I'm lazy. School is out and next week begins my 40 hour work week, and the true apartment hunting search. Two possible roomies in the works, a girl selling 2 ferrets and cage/cage supplies really cheap has my enterest, and My overall state of being since when I got up this morning to where I am now, isn't so well. When I finally arrived in Atlanta yesterday around noonish, one of my little chores was to get my car an emissions test, which I did, and it failed. . .so on to whatever plan Jeff has next.
Next chore, bathe the cat, which ended in a bloody tub when he decided to voice his catlike opinion and bite a hole in my finger. . .the swelling was on the tip of my right index last night, now it's encompased the joint below that. . .infection is my thought. So that's on the list of to-do's today.
I woke up at just around 6 from lack of sleep from the pain in my hand only to find that my kitten's step father passed away this morning around 5:30. She's torn up about it, but still decided to go to school, which thuroughly amazes me. Her step father was the only real role model she's had for 15 years in the realm of the father figure, and I'm sure she's hurtin' right now, so obviously this makes me feel just a little helpless. Until things get figured out here, I can't head home, not to mention driving will be a killer with my hand as it is at the current moment.
While I'm really wishing that I hadn't crawled out of bed at all today, it's obvious that this is one of those "trial days" for me. Oh the man upstairs has to be having a field day with the paper work on this one. While things still look sour, only two thoughts are stuck in my head for the moment; getting home and making sure Elle and her mom are ok, and looking for a new residence as soon as I can. I'm dying to be on my own, even if it is as a roommate with a good friend, and I don't really like the idea of pushing things with Jenny and Tim because of the whole ferret deal. I'm really excited about those little carpet sharks, I've wanted one since I was old enough to talk, and this is my chance, so of course I'm already about sold on it, just have to contact Elle's friend and work something out. I suppose that's enough from the abyss between my ears for now, so I'm gonna go lay down and nurse my hand until mom's up so I can figure out what I'm going to do about it. (doctor's visit, I'm almost positive)
--Little Reverb