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10 January, 2007

Any more metal and I'll pick up radio signals

So yes, on my last venture to Knoxvegas, I dropped off all of my friends belated christmas giftables. As a token of equal giftables my close friend Gary offered me whatever I like, and since I was taking him to get a tattoo at our favorite parlor anyway, I figured "hey! I want more metal!" So yes, my new piercing is pretty. It's definitely the only piercing I can see being acceptable on my face though. I figure, once I get my other lobe pierced finally, and maybe another cartilage piercing, I should be able to pick up Sirius radio by default. heh. Figured a picture might be in order, so there's this one.
--Little Reverb

14 December, 2006

Cupcake Pink, Man Color For Sure

Can't say much since it's almost time for work, but I figured Someone would be curious as to what cupcake Pink looks like since it's finally in my hair. I'm thrilled, and it makes me laugh alot when I catch sight of it in the mirror. Can't really see how this is a bad color. I'm eagerly awaiting how coworkers and customers feel about this one.

--Little Reverb

09 December, 2006

And Boredom Strikes at 1:24 in the AM, 10th of Dec

So it's 1:24, obviously, and I'm bored. The sibs are all conked out on the floor, and I'm still stark wild awake. The gift giving thing is kinda boring usually, but it was a ibt more interesting then usual this year. A foamy the squirrel shirt was certainly something I was happy about. The "I have no idea why I'm out of bed shirt" will help when work rolls around again, and the "chillin' wiht my peeps" shirt sponcered by the peep company will do for a laugh. Some nightmare before christmas trinkets, the classic green bionicle dude, and a really funky insense burner we're nice too. Seems there may have indeed been something to this gift giving without using giftcards.
On another note, my left knee started shooting with pain every time I bent it in the slightest as of 2 days ago. the day after taht it was my right knee, and today still my right knee. I've never been this vulnerable, does one handle such annoyances? I'll be trying the doctor before long if it persists any more cuase it's impossible to say "here lemme get that for you" when elderly people drop their stuff if I have to try to bend down stiff kneed only to topple over in pain. In any case, wether it was the half of a keylime pie down the hatch in less then 5 minutes, or the insane amount of mountain dew and sugar I consumed at work, my head has been killing me all day.
On a more pleasent note, my hunny's grandparents are dropping her off here on the way up from visiting family ont he 28th. I not only get to celebrate her birthday, but new years as well. Since her brithday is on a friday I'm confident I can call in a few favors and get the day with her rather then with a snotty framing customer.
On yet another turn of events. A good friend of mine is leaving for Washington earlier then thought. She was in a car wreck that pretty much pulled the last straw of hay for her step mother who proceeded to start devorce work. I promised her at one point that I'd do my hair up in hot pink, so since she's gone as of the 21st, you guys can expect a hot pink hairdo shot soon. Much to mom's reluctance, there's not much I can really do about her agreeing with my hair style other then I can point at Rich (my boss) who just says "I'm not a fashion expert"<--(which means 'go for it' by the way) and say that it's not like I'll lose my job over it.
I've noticed that the frame shop consists of the wierd and less understood ast of late anyway. In other words, Art folk like myself. Lauren is a complete basket case, who's come to be one of my closest friends. 3 skull tats and a skeleton tat down her leg, over 12 piercings and one more coming for christmas, and couldn't tell me her real hair color when I sincerely asked the first time; you can imagine why I get along with her so well. Becky is our former manager, has 3 kids whom she gave up her managorial position to spend more time with, 14 tat's in various spots and a slightly bizarre disposition towards customers who want framing "advise" as one might guess from a 6 year framing veteran. And of course there's me. The one who likes to press rules for all their worth with random hair colors, scattered piercings, the desire for a few religious tats, and a very bizarrely influenced ADD "seller's speech" when at the framing counter. I've realized that I found my niche in life, lol. Guess I rambled on enough for now though. I'll work on that hot pink hair shot soon.
--Little Reverb

17 November, 2006

Long time no see

Alrighty so outside ofa wonderful trip to knoxville to see Kitten, and several good friends, there's not been much outside of work to ttalk about. That is to say until last night at 12:01pm. I'm sure you're all fairly familiar with last nights release of the PS3 as it will be all over news for the next 2 days until Nintendo's Wii comes out. After reading a brief article, I checked ebay for kicks, and found an entire collection of them up for sale as high as 2,500 dollars. While I've never been one to complain about stupidity as such, this just boggles my mind. Wait for three days in a line, in the rain, just to buy a system for 6-700 dollars and sell it online for a blown out price. Don't get my wrong, that's insanely devious but it sorta kills the purpose in my mind. My biggest problem with this is more then likely the system itself. The PS3 is a PS2 with more graphics, more hard drive space, and a pretty new box. Provided I didn't have work, I'd be in line for Nintendo's Wii.....provided I had the money too...It may be substancially cheaper, but it's experimenting in a field we all loved back when the NES was new and improved. Who didn't love Duck Hunt? Each and every game is a wireless point and click, shake and swing interface with the controller. Now that's something that gets my gamer senses tingling. Alas however, I'll be lucky to get it months from now at the rate that price tag sits. I guess it's for the best.
--Little Reverb

05 October, 2006

And the World Keeps Spinnin'

Outside of my curious nature, I come to work with blue hari to find many fun and outlandishly happy comments over my new hair chroma. Better still have been the comments throughout the week about my hair's color from the various passers-by. A small group of little ol' blue-haired ladies (excuse the joke) actaully passed several very nice comments on to my manager about my kind service, which of course is based around my personality and how I help those at work. But a compliment in spite of my hair color, is a compliment I'll take. I've been transfered to Custom Framing, something I've idly drooled over since my Joann's ETC days. It's pretty much all that my job of choice could be. I spend hours working with my hands on wood and metal products to make something unique to the customer themself. I also get to work with a powerdrill named Gunther (framing girls' idea) and the massive glass cutter. Who doesn't like to make noise breaking left over glass and cutting up while doing your job? People seem to be comforted by my blue hair when i come out to help them pick out a custom frame. I think it's the stereotype of the newage artist frankly.....cartilage piercings, colored hair, thin and lanky...posibly starving (hehe). I can't complain though. Had one lady that asked for the blue-haired boy specifically by discription becuase she enjoyed working with me the first time....and it's only been a week. While it's not something that I would keep, persay, it's a statement I enjoy making now and then.
--Little Reverb

28 September, 2006

Long time no news

It's bene a good while, and I've not stopped to report in lately cause there hasn't been all that much of importance to post frankly. My daily schedule is pretty much consistant of work, maplestory, and sketching when I find myself in the mood. As of late however, whether mother posted it yet or not, I made the decision to bleach my hair as I do desire on occasion. This time however, I felt like making a twist. After consulting my various managers about hair color, I found myself holding a bottle of blue 'Manic Panic' hair dye. What wonders this stuff can do. Now what kinda post would this be if I didn't show a picture of the finished product? A bad post, that's what. So I'm curious as an aesthetic question. If you were a stranger at your local micheals, and you happened upon me, would you consider it an unprofessional site? In this day and age mind you. Would you be less inclinded to ask me a crafting question if you happened upon me while I was stalking? Keep in mind people, I've always got a smile on my face. I don't do unhappy at work. Anywho, lemme know, I'm curious after chatting with mother and father about said subject.
--Little Reverb

19 July, 2006

Happy Exciting Super Keen Awesome Fun Time

And so I've returned from my trip. A wonderful period of rest and relaxation with friends, family, and Kitten. Lots of pictures, and a few stories of laughter, but not really for today I think. Once again the job hunt is back on, and it's full time for the while being as I've missed registration for colleges in my area. I got my wish though, seeing as I don't have to wory about school for a while. I'm going to do my best to keep things going on my doodles and Alvika storyline, I've even got a few ideas for some bonafied artworks once again. I'll keep things posted.
On another note, anyone excited about Lady in the Water? M. Night Shyamalan certainly peaked my interest this time around. Water Nymphs "Narfs" and Dryads "Shrogs" are definitely more my type of subject matter in the thriller department. I've been watching the trailer for nearly two weeks. I'ts out on friday, and I'll be happy and satisfied.
--Little Reverb